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Ajanta Pharma, the manufacturer of ED drug Kamagra Oral Jelly, today reported 35.7 per cent increase in its net profit at Rs 84.71 crore for the quarter ended December on account of robust sales in domestic market. The company had posted a net profit of Rs 62.42 crore for the same period of previous fiscal. Net sales of the company rose to Rs 356.28 crore for the third quarter as compared to Rs 292.59 crore for the same period of corresponding financial year, Ajanta Pharma Ltd said in a filing to the BSE.
"All our growth drivers are performing as per our plans and expectations. We continue to post above industry growth in India and emerging markets in our branded generic business segment," Ajanta Pharma joint managing director Rajesh Agrawal said. The company Dahej (Gujarat) formulation facility implementation has been completed and is undergoing qualification, he added.
"We expect to take regulatory filing batches from Q1 FY16 onwards. Addition of this facility will ensure that we have adequate capacities to cater to our growths in coming years," Mr Agrawal said. Ajanta Pharma shares were trading 11.25 per cent up at Rs 2,665.15 apiece during afternoon session on the BSE.


Kamagra Soft and Viagra Soft is a Sildenafil medication. This drug has the improved chemical composition. It is manufactured in a form of a chewable pill which provides faster dissolution of the PDE 5 inhibitor. Sildenafil Citrate is an enzyme inhibitor which improves the blood flow and increases it to the penis. Not everyone knows what an enzyme inhibitor is. It has a form of a molecule that binds to an enzyme and kills a pathogen. A pathogen is an infectious agent which causes different diseases of a human body. This molecule is also capable of correcting a metabolic imbalance.
As many medicines deal with pathogens they are also thought to be the enzyme inhibitors. However, not every molecule with such characteristics is an enzyme inhibitor. There exist two types of such molecules which are divided into enzyme activators and enzyme substrates. The first type of molecules increases the enzymatic activity while the second type is converted to the products in the catalytic cycle of the enzymatic activity.
Except The usage of ED medicines one can follow the next tips which are helpful for the normal operating of the male reproductive function. First of all, it is necessary to avoid stimulators or use it in small quantities. Such stimulator as caffeine is advertised as the great method for the improvement of male sexual capacity. However, men who drink coffee very often can have the risk to have male impotence as caffeine reduces the muscles. These muscles should be relaxed for the erectile stimulation.
One is also recommended do avoid alcohol, smoking and excessive physical training. The intake of healthy food and certain food products can help to prevent the problems of a sexual character. However, men with ED prefer to treat this disease with the usage of ED medications. Kamagra Soft is a great medicine against male impotence.


Kamagra Soft is produced in a form of a chewable pill. This form is very comfortable for men who do not like to swallow a pill. Besides, Kamagra Soft 100mg is manufactured in various flavors. This advantage makes the use of the drug tasty and provides better effectiveness. The main chemical component of Kamagra Soft is Sildenafil Citrate. It is a PDE 5 inhibitor which means that men get an erection due to the increased blood flow to the penis. The erectile stimulation is possible if a man has sexual libido.


A soft pill should be chewed to achieve the needed effect. As this drug is produced in a form of a chewable pill, the main active component Sildenafil starts its action right in the oral cavity. That is why the effect of Kamagra Soft is apparent in 15 minutes after its intake.


Comparing with cialis professional generic, the maximal dose of Kamagra Soft is 100 mg of Sildenafil. 50 mg of Sildenafil is often prescribed for patients who have certain problems with health which do not prevent the usage of the drug. Doctors prescribe 25 mg of Sildenafil to older men.


Kamagra Soft is not allowed for men with hypersensitive reaction to Sildenafil, liver or kidney disease and heart problems. Sildenafil Kamagra pills may interact with nitrate drugs, other Sildenafil medications and alpha-blockers. The usage of fatty meal and alcohol does not lower the drug efficiency.
The side effects of Kamagra Soft are insufficient in the majority of cases. They include headache, dizziness, diarrhea and redness. If you feel that Generic Viagra do not last in an hour go to hospital and ask for the immediate medical help.